Takao Trick Art Museum (with an Egyptian theme)

1 minute from the Keio Line, Takaosanguchi St. TEL: 042 (667) 1081

Official web site of the Takao Trick Art Museum. Experience the excitement of trick art with a collection that captures its very essence.  

Welcome to the
world of trick art!

Home of wondrous illusions at the foot of Mount Takao....Welcome to the
world of trick art!

 The Takao Trick Art Museum, located at the foot of Mt. Takao west of Tokyo, opened in April, 1996.
The history of trick art is old, and dates back to about 2,000 years ago. It had become an established art form by the time of the Renaissance era. The theme of the concept at the Takao Trick Art Museum is essentially the same as the illusionism of that era, namely creating the optical illusion that depicted objects really exist, instead of being just two-dimensional paintings. Surrounded by the rich natural environment of Mt. Takao, the museum is right across the road from Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line.
 Whether covered in the first green of spring, or in glorious autumn colors, Mount Takao has something to offer in any season. Come and savor the rich and varied nature of Mount Takao, abandon your visual preconceptions, and have a fun time and memorable experience at the Trick Art Museum. Be ready to make fresh discoveries and to have your imagination challenged.

Trick Art Gallery

The fascinating trick art gallery is awaiting you!

Come and visit the museum and bring your camera along!!

Don't forget to bring your camera!
It may surprise you, but a number of things that are usually discouraged at museums are allowed at the Takao Trick Art Museum. Taking pictures, coming in contact with the works on display, talking aloud and feeling free to make noise are considered accepted ways of enjoying the museum, as long as it does not disturb the fun of other visitors. Go ahead and become your own movie director.

Takao Trick Art Museum Introduction Video

The part of Takao Trick Art Museum facilities will be introduced in the video .

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● A short introduction and history of Mt. Takao
The history of Mt. Takao goes back to the Nara period, and is closely associated with Takaosan Yakuoin Temple located on the side of the mountain. Takaosan Yakuoin Temple, officially known as Takaosan Yakuoin Yukiji Temple, is said to have been built by the High Priest Gyoki in the year 744 during the Nara period, a time when Buddhism in Japan was at its zenith.
The mountain trail currently used by visitors was originally built for the worshippers visiting the Temple. Although it is not a widely known fact, the cable car which is so popular with tourists and hikers visiting Mt. Takao was also originally built for the convenience of the temple worshippers.
When walking along the trail, if you stop in the midst of the silent surroundings and visualize the history of the area, you are bound to feel deference for the lives and religious devotion of the many people who have passed through there over the centuries. It’s a special place steeped in tradition and history.
Even if you experience the history and nature of Mt. Takao just once a year, this will surely give you respite from the bustle and stresses of everyday life.

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