Takao Trick Art Museum (with an Egyptian theme)

1 minute from the Keio Line, Takaosanguchi St. TEL: 042 (667) 1081

Official web site of the Takao Trick Art Museum. Experience the excitement of trick art with a collection that captures its very essence.  

TRICKk Art Gallery

... A mummy is buried somewhere underneath here. Do you think you can find it?

TRICK ART File.001
Floating Ancient Egyptian Temple

A temple hanging in mid-air. Wouldn't you like to also float in the open skies around the temple. Open the ancient temple's secret door, and you will find yourself in an oasis where African elephants are playing in a wondrous world that opens up before your very eyes.


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TRICK ART File.002
Plank Bridge

A dangerously decayed plank spanning a dark abyss… Will you too dare attempt to cross it? Fortune favors the brave!


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TRICK ART File.003
Old Cairo

As you walk along the streets of old Cairo, drawn by something, you find you have lost your way. Suddenly, in a corner of the city you come across a "mysterious door". You open it slowly and there before your very eyes lies the world of ancient Egypt. What a discovery!.


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TRICK ART File.004
The Mirror Room

Take a closer look! Is the person in the mirror you!?


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TRICK ART File.005
Magic Table Surprise!

Where did my body go? Please, can you help find it?


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TRICK ART File.006
Ames Room

Based on the room first constructed by the ophthalmologist Ames, the room uses distortions to create an illusion of relative sizes. The father in the picture seems to have shrunk mysteriously and looks smaller than his son.


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TRICK ART File.007
Picture Frame

Go ahead and strike a pose wearing one of the dresses on loan. Of course, they are on loan free of charge.


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TRICK ART File.008
Open Air Cafe

The surroundings make the tea here taste especially good. There is nothing like a short nap to the soothing sounds of the waterfall in the background


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TRICK ART File.009
Tut-Ankh-Amun Bursting Out

Oops! Don't startle me!!


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TRICK ART File.010
Supergravity Room

What is this strange feeling? It’s a unique experience.


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TRICK ART File.011

Where did my legs go!? Please help me!


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TRICK ART File.012
Careful it is dangerous!

Careful! One misstep and you can fall into the dark abyss inside the pyramid! Watch out!


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TRICK ART File.013
Whispered Message

Come on, please let me in on the secret! Can you find out what it is?


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TRICK ART File.014
An aquarium, or undersea?

This fish looks very tasty. I think I'll have a bite!


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TRICK ART File.015

Oh, how bad mannered that is! But, I think I'll try that too.


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TRICK ART File.016

Help! It's heavy.


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TRICK ART File.017
Waterless Aquarium

Tropical fish


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TRICK ART File.018
Waterless Aquarium (Shark alert!)

Is this scarier than in the film Jaws!?


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TRICK ART File.019
Young lovers


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TRICK ART File.023
I'll eat you up!

The "big monkey" seems to have escaped from Mt. Takao. Be careful! It might be a man-eater.


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TRICK ART File.024

A hungry camel being fed by a passerby.


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TRICK ART File.025
A Sphinx in transformation?

Egyptian Gods are known for their power to transform themselves. "I'm not finished, don't look!"



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TRICK ART File.026
Den of Crocodiles with Pillarss

Danger! Hungry crocodiles have set their eyes on you. Be careful not to lose your balance.


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TRICK ART File.027
Den of Crocodiles And Magic Mirror

Help!! This should be a difficult shot to get, but don't give up and keep on trying. There's always a solution to even the biggest challenge!


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