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Takao Trick Art Museum Store

Is this little Egypt or maybe the Souk?

Since the museum receives the support and cooperation of the Egyptian Embassy, it is possible for the museum store to import the most popular souvenirs directly from Egypt at affordable prices.
In addition to souvenirs from Egypt, the store also imports via Cairo items from other surrounding Mediterranean and African countries. The store offers many items that you may not find anywhere else, making it well worth a visit.

Silver Accessories

1. Ankh, Cleopatra ring
Ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means "life". It is often used in decorative designs and accessories that are sometimes worn as a talisman.

2. Ankh ring

Ankh, Cleopatra Ring

3. Godess Isis pendant
1,800 - 3,800
The Goddess Isis is the symbolic mother of the king. She uses her potent magical powers to protect against danger. Isis has been variously revered as a symbol of the queen, motherhood, purity and a guardian amongst other things.

4. Horus eye pendant
1,800 - 5,300
The holy eye of the god of heaven Horus signifies the moon. The accessory is very popular as an amulet.

5. Scarab pendant
1,500 - 3,000
This is a pendant with the holy Egyptian scarab as a design motif. The scarab was deified and often identified with the sun god Ra. Large scarab amulets were placed over the heart of mummies.

Godess Isis,pendant, Horus eye pendant, scarab pendant

6. Ankh pendant
1,500 - 5,800

7. Toth pendant
1,500 - 2,000
Thoth was thought to rule over wisdom and learning, and was considered to be the scribe of the Gods. He was also an impartial arbitrator of justice. Thoth, often depicted with the head of an Ibis, is also considered by many to be a talisman to help with admissions to and success at school and college, among other things.

8. Various types of Cartouche pendants
1,800 - 6,400

Ankh pendant, Thoth pendant, Cartouche pendants

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Papyrus Products

1. Hand-painted papyrus paintings
500 - 15,000

2. Bookmarker
200 - 300

3. Key chain

4. Writing paper
1,500 - 3,000
Papyrus is a paper-like material made from papyrus, a wetland sedge grass found in the marshes of the Nile River. It was used as paper dating back to the first dynasty in Egypt.


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Cards cost 100 yen each, with one free card added when you buy a set of 5 cards.


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Alabaster from Egypt, a variety of gypsum and characterized by a yellowish color, comes from the areas surrounding Aswan by the Nile River in southern Egypt.

1. The godess Bastet
White alabaster
Basted was the cat goddess and played a maternal role. She was considered to rule over joy, music, and dancing

2. Egg
The Egyptian egg represents the earth giving forth the golden seed. It can also represent the sun.

3. Vase

4. Pyramid
400 - 25,000 (stand)

5. Ashtray


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Bottled Egyptian Perfumes

980 - 4,500

bottled perfumes

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Galabiya / Head Cover

1. Galabiya
The galabiya is the traditional garment of Egypt. The garments are made from the best Egyptian cotton. Cool and comfortable to wear, the Galabiya is well suited for Japanese summers. The shape resembles the Hawaiian muumuu.

2. Head cover
This type of head cover was originally the product of the wisdom of the Bedouin lifestyle.

Galabiya/head cover

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Egyptian Playing Cards

1 set 600
2 sets1,000
The cards are made of plastic and are available in a number of designs.

Egyptian playing cards

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Pharaoh Ballpoint Pen

500 each
Ink: blue, the color popular in Europe
Body: 3 colors (navy blue, dark red, and dark green)
Design: 4 types
The pen is the most popular souvenir among visitors to Egypt.

Pharaoh Ballpoint Pen

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Hibiscus Tea (Karkade Tea)

The museum store's original tea made from Egyptian hibiscus. Because of its citric acid content, which is helpful in reducing blood sugar it is recommended for people suffering from high blood sugar or those on a diet.

1. Tea bag (50 bags, 100g)

2. Tea bag (12 bags, 24g)

Hibiscus Tea (Karkade Tea)

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Other Items

1. Masaka Sakasama picture books, volumes 1 to 3
1,300 each

2. Gravity-defying sand clock

3. Black pocketbook

4. Black notebook

5. Collection of trick art works

Other items

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