Takao Trick Art Museum (with an Egyptian theme)

1 minute from the Keio Line, Takaosanguchi St. TEL: 042 (667) 1081

Official web site of the Takao Trick Art Museum. Experience the excitement of trick art with a collection that captures its very essence.  


Providing murals offering unlimited possibilities

In the midst of great advances in technology and the high tech industry....
the 21st century is also considered to be the age of aesthetics and culture. Given the hectic and stressful nature of our lifestyles, there is an ever increasing need in our living environment for things that can "relax" and "soothe" us.

The murals we create....
are characteristically attention-grabbing due to their surprising and interesting compositions. We achieve stunning color effects by layering five different strongly weather-resistant paints. Any interior or exterior surface, including the exterior of buildings, can become a canvas to achieve a relaxing as well as inspiring and innovative environment.

Revitalizing communities...
from store facades to indoor wall murals, we have accumulated an extensive portfolio.

Takao Trick Art Museum
Contact person:Kosaka
TEL: 042-667-1081
FAX: 042-667-1090

Underground passage mural, JR Osaka Umeda station

Takaosan, Trick Art Museum Concept

Super Resin Kogyo

Takaosan, Trick Art Museum Concept

Wakabadai, Inagishi, Tokyo
Mural on one of the walls of the company depicting the company's owner, Mr. Watanabe, in the process of painting a windmill, the company's flagship product.

Ukai Music Forest

Takaosan, Trick Art Museum Concept

Fuji Kawaguchikomachi, Minami Tsurugun, Yamanashi

Fukushoji Temple school bus

Takaosan, Trick Art Museum Concept

Bus belonging to the Shoto kindergarten managed by Fukushoji Temple. The composition uses a panda image and is highly popular with the children.

Ukai Resort

Takaosan, Trick Art Museum Concept

59-1 Oya-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo