The Museum in the Media

The Takao Trick Art Museum has been featured in a number of programs on television.

The following is a list of the TV stations arranged chronologically.

2007/11 TBS: The Takao Trick Art Museum curator appears on the program "Hanamaru Market" in his capacity as the president of the Takaosan Merchants Association

2007/11 NHK, Kofu: The museum in introduced in the program "Yamanashi at Noon"

2007/9 Nippon Broadcasting System: The Art Museum is introduced in the program "Toyota Happy Town Circuit".

2007/7 Fuji TV: The museum is featured in the "Mezamashi Curiosity" section of the program "Mezamashi TV".

2007/4 The TBS Digital Broadcast Station, BS-i introduces the Takao Trick Art Museum in its program Medical α". The theme of the program is the "eye".

2007/2 NTV: The museum is featured in the program "Next Stop, Discovery" broadcast on February 24.


2006/10 Shanghai TV, "Tokyo Scene"

2006/10 Fuji TV, "Parental Care TV"

2006/6 Hachioji TeleMedia

2006/2 MX TV, "Tokyo Morning Supplement

2006/5 TV TOKYO, "Admatic Heaven"


2005/10 NHK, "The Open University"

2005/10 TV Kanagawa

2005/4 NTV, "BS Kids"

2005/4 Hong Kong TV (Program is not broadcast in Japan

2005/3 NTV, "Doctor in The TV"


2004/9 NHK, "Hello Japanese Islands" (Live broadcast)

2004/8 NTV, "Shiodome Style"

2004/8 TAMA TV

2004/5 NHK, "BS, Digital Stadium"

2004/5 NTV, "Coming Doubt" (Opening sequence)

2004/2 NHK, "Hello Japanese Islands" (Live broadcast)


2003/12 TV TOKYO, "TV Champion"

2003/11 TBS, "Exploring the Brain and Body"

2003/11 SKY PerfecTV

2003/11 MXTV

2003/8 Fuji TV, "Waratte Iitomo"

2003/8 NTV, "Shiodome Style"

2003/7 TBS, "Weather Report"


2002/11 Fuji TV, "Parenting TV"

2002/7 Fuji TV, "FNS News"

2002/6 TV Asahi, "Guruman Jungyo"

2002/5 TBS, "King's Blunch"

2002/5 TV TOKYO, "Admatic Heaven"


2001/11 TV Asahi, "Funky Funky"

2001/1 TAMA TV


2000/11 TV Asahi, "Tonight 2"

2000/9 NTV, "Morning Papers"


1999/11 Fuji TV, "Mezamashi TV"

1999/10 Fuji TV "Super News"


1997/10 TBS, "Wheather Whale"

1997/10 TBS, "Kairaku FBI"

1997/9 TBS, "Hanamaru Market"

1997/8 NHK, "6 O'clock News"

1997/10 NTV, "Weather Report"

1997/6 TV Asahi, "Weather Report"

1997/6 TBS, "Weather Report"

1997/1 TV TOKYO, "Quiz Akahaji, Aohaji"


1996/4 Fuji TV